One Shot Tactical & Blue Force Gear Deliver!

If you remember a while back in December, Blue Force Gear was offering 50% off all “Camo Green” slings sold even through their dealers. As the exclusive dealer for BFG, One Shot Tactical took lots of back orders to fill their promise of awesomely priced slings. After a long wait my order finally came through and all I can say is I’m extremely pleased with the service. BFG’s ability to extend this type of discount to not just their own country but to their good friends in the Great White North is really amazing.  Now I just need to find a time to get out and run these new pieces of kit. One Shot Tactical is one of our favourite dealers here at Canadian Black Rifle Mag and we’re glad to see they look after their customers.

For those interested what I have pictured below is the; Vickers Combat Applications Sling Padded, Vickers Combat Applications Sling, Triple Ten Speed Mag Pouch, and a Arc’teryx B.A.C.

UPDATE #1: Yes I really do realize I have the need for a better place to take photos then my bedroom floor.


One response

  1. alex pinos

    cough cough need a sling cough cough….

    February 11, 2011 at 10:50 am

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