Magazines From the States Warning

From the Wolverine Supplies website.

Magazine Warning

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magazine Warning

It is a popular misconception that it is legal to import a high capacity magazine if the magazine is disassembled and the parts are shipped separately, this is WRONG! A Customs tribunal in BC has ruled that a high capacity magazine body is itself a prohibited device. This ruling now takes precedent over the Criminal Code definition of a “high capacity” magazine which defines a magazine as a receptacle that feeds cartridges into a firearm. It was general accepted in the pass that when a magazine was disassembled it no longer met this definition.

I have it on extremely good authority that at least one individual has already been charged.

On conviction of “Importation of a Prohibited Device” under Section 103 CC the mandatory sentence is imprisonment for THREE years!

Please feel free to copy and spread this information.


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