Affordable Secondaries to your Primary Black Rifle @ Arms East

Good news for people looking for an inexpensive pistol but wanting a more refined product then offered by  Norinco. Arms East has announced that after nearly a year the export permits for Bersa pistols have been issued. The Bersa Thunder 9/40 pistols have proven themselves to be a reliable and accurate both in various sporting competitions and in service with the Armed Forces of Argentina. In addition to the full size Thunder 9/40 pistols the Thunder 22-6 is also expected. This pistol is a 22 calibre pistol based off the famous Walther PP/PPK pistols, but with a 6” barrel. This pistol is a great option for those who have always wanted a PPK but are not fortunate enough to have a 12-6 designation. The full sized pistols in 9mm and 40 S&W are expected to retail for less than $500 while the 22-6 is expected to retail in the high $200 area.


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