The LGR is on the way out… But with a catch.

With the CPC having listed the Long Gun Registry as one of their top 5 priorities for when parliament resumes it seems as though the LGR is on it’s last legs. However there is a post over on CGN from the user “Strangeday” who says “with a catch”. Those of you who know his real name know he has a long list of credentials and that his information most likely comes from a very accurate source.

Sorry to be the guy getting everyone riled up here but it seems some of the rumours have been true. Those who are the “show me the proof types” can bypass this post, your going to get all the proof you can handle soon enough.

If you do a little background you’ll notice I’ve been fairly accurate on these issues including the T97 issue, CZ52 issue, GSG-5(22) and etc etc. Senior members of the police associations and RCMP are already insisting that the new government reclassify dozens of firearms to be restricted before the LGR is removed. They are making a very hard case that these evil looking firearms are capable of small nuclear blasts and their very possession turns people into crazed lunatics.

We all know that every semi automatic rifle functions the same. Be it a 10/22 or an FAL C1.

Some of the rifles on the list are

M1A (M14) yes even those Noricos
Mini 14
Mini 30
Swiss Arms
JR Carbine

Was told that the classification RCMP department has been keeping a list and “monitoring” social media for those firearms that are popular with modifiers. One of the senior people is pitching their concerns by showing pictures of XCR’s and saying that without these being restricted anyone can start walking around with them. Obviously they can do that now as they are non-restircted but this is how they are marketing their agenda.

Remember Laws are only for those people that obey laws. Criminals don’t care which guns are legal and which aren’t. Tell you MP’s that making more guns restricted is dishonest to the commitment to abolish the registry. Handguns and other firearms that were banned in the 90’s should be brought back so honest law abiding citizens can own and operate them.

VERY VERY TOUGH laws should be enacted for those illegally possessing firearms. I am unwavering in this and you should be to. If you use a gun to commit a violent crime or if you posses one without a license or when you are prohibited the prison sentence should be long and without parole. Minimums should be doubled. Their is a majority government now, insist they punish criminals and not law abiding citizens.

Start working now to stop the agenda of reclassifying firearms. Wendy has been very hard at work fear mongering this week and rallying media.

Demand to stop being treated like a criminal. You can piss around here all day asking for someone to prove to you that Ottawa is making moves or you can write a nice letter to your MP and spell out your expectations. Polite counts…..get your points and position across.


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