Canadian Forces Seek New General Service Pistol

Last week the Canadian Forces placed a new public tender up on Here’s an excerpt from that posting.

The Canadian Forces (CF) are looking to replace all current
types of pistols in use with a newer weapon and is gathering
information on the Price and Availability of weapons and the
number of potential contenders as part of its planning and
budget process. Personnel from all services of the CF will use
these pistols for self-defence. The GSP will replace the 9mm
Browning High Power (HP) and the 9mm Sig Sauer Model 225 pistol.
The sought family of General Service Pistols is based on the
direct fire effects capability requirements, in the context of
the Future Security Environment (FSE), that are required to
support Adaptive Dispersed Operations (ADO) in the Army and
other roles and missions of Canada’s Naval and Air Forces.


Not many are sure where this will go. What companies will be willing to license out their designs to a Canadian company for production. One of the obvious choices would be the Glock 19, but the CF’s “made in Canada” requirement would likely make this impossible. Could a 9mm 1911 be on the table. Considering the CF’s on going use of SIG 226/229 series of pistols among SOF, Military Police, and Naval Boarding Parties that is another obvious choice.


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