Earl Green

We are really happy to announce that firearms instructor Earl Green will be contributing to our blog in a variety of different ways. Here is what can be said about Earl.

Earl is a certified use of force and firearms trainer who has received training from prestigious schools across the US and Canada. He has attended training with Sigarms, H&K, Monadnock, ASP, the Ontario Police College and various private firms and he was fortunate to be selected as an adjunct instructor for the Sigarms Academy. He is a former member of one of Canada’s largest police services where he served 13 years in a variety of policing roles.

His service includes uniform patrol, uniform supervision, use of force and firearms training, tactical training, specialized training development and delivery, executive protection and criminal investigations. He was highly involved in the testing and evaluation of various firearms, equipment and munitions for his service and he participated in the development of regular and specialized training.

Earl left policing to embark on new opportunities in nuclear protection and, in that capacity, he served as a nuclear response team sergeant, firearms/ tactical trainer and equipment T&E specialist. Earl is also highly involved in IPSC and IDPA shooting where he competes at a high level.


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