SHOT Show Day #3

Dropped by the OTTE Gear booth, they got a unite purchase for their parka in CADPAT TW a while back and had extras, I already have one and have to say it’s much better than the issued Rain Jacket. If you’re in the CF and can get your hands on one I suggest you have at it.

Some other interesting concepts from OTTE Gear, a pullover soft shell with a kangaroo zipper to get at stuff underneath, and a another soft shell with and integrated net to attach foliage and other camoflauge to better blend into your environment. Likely targeted towards snipers and has applications for hunters.

Over at the First Spear booth we learnt that traditional MOLLE/PALS attachment system is soon to go the way of the Dodo bird. The slits are cut with a laser and if you are concerned that the fabric might rip I get my hands in there and tried to pull as hard as I could and it didn’t give at all.

Interesting new Cummerbund attachment system, this model was built for maritime operations and has inflatable bags to help with buoyancy should and individual fall overboard.


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