One Shot Tactical and S&J Hardware’s Simon Beeson join forces

We’ve brought to you exciting news about One Shot Tactical’s attempts to bring in the most sought after firearms, accessories, and gear to the Canadian consumer. In most recent news, One Shot Tactical looks to dive further into the firearms business, and to move far beyond being yet another retailer of tactical nylon and accessories. One Shot Tactical has now joined forces with S&J Hardware’s Simon Beeson, who now stands as a co-owner of One Shot Tactical. Simon looks to bring his expertise in both manufacturing and gunsmithing to One Shot Tactical’s expanding gun side of the business. With Simon on the team One Shot will now be offering a variety of customized gun services to fill the needs and requests of it’s end users.

S&J Hardware will continue to remain a separate entity providing the Canadian market with dozens of ‘Made in Canada’ parts and accessories for the AR15, Remington 870, and numerous other platforms.

This is just one of the many exciting developments to expect from One Shot Tactical this year. We will continue to report on the developments of One Shot Tactical and look forward to receiving an inclusive look into some of the new products and services they will be bringing to the market.


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