Industry Reminder!

Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, we try and do the best we can to keep up to date and to bring Canadian consumers information about new products and services provided by all of you to the Canadian market.

However from time to time we lag on things for a variety of reasons, from having simply missed the product or service entirely, to not having enough information to warrant a post.

We have our eyes glued to a number of industry blogs (Gearscout, Kit Up, Soldier Systems, Private Bloggins, etc.) and do our best to meet with each and every one of you when we can. This includes coverage of SHOT Show and other industry events and conventions going into the future,

We continue to strive to connect Canadian shooters with high quality kit, guns, gear, services, and training. In this friendly reminder we ask that to help better facilitate a flow of information that you take the time to send us and email with information and/or pictures about new products and services as they become available. We look forward to continue making friendships with all of you going forward.

Going forward we look to expand our presence at range days, demos, and attending courses as well as a number of other things that we are working on that will surely excite the Canadian consumer.

If you’d like to get in contact with us we can currently we can be reached:


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