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Rumour Mill: Serbu BFG-50A

The rumour mill has it that the Serbu BFG-50A a semi-automatic .50 long range rifle will be available in Canada shortly and has been granted a non-restricted status. For those having always wanted a M82 but unable to acquire one due to it’s prohibited status the Serbu BFG-50A might bet he next best option. They aren’t cheap coming in at around $6’500 they require a $1’000 deposit upon order.


Type 88 Snipers now available at Tactical Imports

For those of you recall the long time ago when we first got wind of the fact that Tactical Imports would be brining in the Type 88 you should be happy to know that they have finally landed and are ready to ship. The Type 88 comes ready to shoot with; 3 magazines, adjustable bi-pod, mount, 3-9×40 scope, rifle cleaning kit, sight adjustment tool, manual, oil bottle, scope case and scope cleaning kit.

Norinco M305 Shorty’s @ Canada Ammo

So if you’ve always admired the short M14 look and feel then your in luck because Canada Ammo has brought in some factory made shorty’s with an 18.5′ barrel to maintain the M305’s non-restricted status. Definitely a sweet package at $449.00, we figure a lot of people will be picking up at least one of these. Canada Ammo has also opt to provide an awesome deal on ammo such that for the price of $799.00 you can get 1000 rounds of .308 Norinco ammo. That works out to $350 for 1000 rounds of .308 or approximately 35 cents a round. You will not find .308 anywhere else anywhere near as cheap.

Follow the link to Canada Ammo here if you want to pre-order WITH the ammo for $799.00 or here WITHOUT the ammo for $449.00


ISSC MSR MK22@ The Ammo Source

If you haven’t checked out The Ammo Source lately, they are currently taking pre-orders for the ISSC MSR MK22 both in Tan and Black. This looks like one hell of a rimfire rifle, definitely something we’d like to get our hands on.

XCR-M @ One Shot Tactical

One of our favourite dealers has also listed the XCR-M on their new products page over at for the nice price of $2,599. This is definitely a rifle that those battle rifle lovers will want to check out. With the other SR-25 type rifles being restricted Robinson Arms offers a decent package at a decent price for those that want the freedom to hunt with their black battle rifle.

Free Rifle Draw from Wolverine Supplies

Looks like Wolverine Supplies is thanking it’s customers and running a draw for a Ruger Mini-14 rifle. What a great non-restricted semi-automatic little carbine. For complete details visit the Wolverine Supplies website on how to enter.

Black Rifle From Another Time?

One of our readers sent us this marvel of engineering. What you’re looking at is a non-restricted registered semi auto MG42. For the individual’s privacy and security we will not be mentioning his name. We must say this is a whole other type of cool. Amazing looking rifle, and just goes to show what cool things us Canadians can still have with a little bit of effort.