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Dueck Defense

Dueck Defense are makers of the Rapid Transition Sight, a 45 degree offset sight that allows you to maintain your standard cheek weld and slightly cant your rifle for the use of Iron Sights in a CQB environment. This type of set up is ideal for individuals running a fixed powered scope or a running a scope that does not have  a 1 power function. Paratus Innovation is now the Canadian dealer for Dueck Defense and has wholesale pricing for dealers interested in carrying the Dueck Defense line. We were extremely impressed with Dueck Defense’s sights at SHOT Show last year and look forward to seeing them again at SHOT 2013.



Paratus Innovation – SEAL1 Guncare Products and Combat Support Systems

Paratus Innovation is now a distributor for SEAL1 Guncare Products and Combat Support Systems offering wholesale pricing to interested retailers. We are always to see new products breaking into the Canadian market. As Canadians continue to become more involved in higher levels of training the gear organizers provided by Combat Support Systems will find more relevance to help organize the support gear behind that training. We look forward to seeing what other products these companies have to offer.

Paratus Innovation – Commentary on Warren Kinella

Tyler from Paratus Innovation forwarded this to me with the hopes that it might generate some discussion. It stands in response to some of the the recent statements and calims made by Toronto based Lawyer Warren Kinsella.

I was struck by Warren Kinsella’s statements over the last week that handguns are meant only to kill. This would certainly be news to many people, including our Olympic shooting team which is competing in London. However, even if we were to grant to Mr. Kinsella that his statement regarding the purpose of handguns is accurate, I would argue that a handgun, used as a tool to efficiently and rapidly inflict grievous injury, is enormously beneficial. What other tool can make an aging grandmother the equal of a 250lb felon? How many rape victims would have been saved their agony if only they could have been trained and armed?

Available data from the U.S. suggests that in 94% of all defensive firearm uses, no shots are even fired; merely the presence of a firearm in the hands of a potential victim is enough to dissuade an attacker. A further 3% of incidents involve the firing of warning shots where no one is injured. This accounts for the severe under-reporting of defensive firearm uses in the United States, and presumably elsewhere.

The Canada Firearms Act actually provides for the issuance of concealed carry permits in Canada, although the RCMP and CFOs virtually never approve them. A handgun is considerably simpler to operate than, for example, a motor vehicle; and training for civilians in the defensive use of handguns is slowly becoming available. Every U.S. State that has taken steps to legalize concealed carry has seen their violent crime rates drop dramatically. Perhaps it’s time that Canada considered this option and allowed responsible citizens to arm themselves.

Paratus Innovation

Paratus Innovation is a new company that we think you should keep an eye on, we look forward to what they’ll be brining to market in the future. They sent us their “Whiskey 5” to help better let us know what they’re all about.

Whiskey 5- Paratus Innovation


Paratus Innovation is a veteran-owned Canadian company that seeks to enhance the preparedness and effectiveness of Armed Professionals – military, law enforcement, and security personnel. Our goal is to improve the performance of these individuals through the introduction of innovative and paradigm-shattering training products. With over two decades of training experience, we at Paratus Innovation know what works and we understand that doing unimportant things well does NOT make them important.


Paratus Innovation is focused on creating training products that acknowledge core training principles and objective truths gained through real-world experience. Our premier training product is the Righteous-Kill Anatomy Target (R-KAT) target system which is a unique, theory-based training tool for military and law enforcement personnel. The R-KAT will effectively provide enhanced shot-placement feedback and impetus for target discrimination in Shoot/No Shoot training scenarios. It is intended to be a direct substitute for the paper targets currently in agency use. Implementation of the R-KAT requires no modifications to existing shooting programs and is exceptionally well suited to both dynamic and conventional shooting packages.

Paratus Innovation has several new training products under development and is expanding to provide tactical small arms training to the armed professional and armed civilian communities.


Paratus Innovation is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We conduct product development and evaluation at home, across Canada, and abroad.

The R-KAT is available through Frontline Training and Tactical Products in Waterloo, Ont. They can be reached at or at 519-883-0377.


Training is about readiness for that one moment, when years of preparation need to come together so you, or someone else, can have one moment more. Paratus Innovation’s products are designed to develop core competencies to the highest possible level. Because training saves lives.

Are You Ready?