Dueck Defense

Dueck Defense are makers of the Rapid Transition Sight, a 45 degree offset sight that allows you to maintain your standard cheek weld and slightly cant your rifle for the use of Iron Sights in a CQB environment. This type of set up is ideal for individuals running a fixed powered scope or a running a scope that does not have  a 1 power function. Paratus Innovation is now the Canadian dealer for Dueck Defense and has wholesale pricing for dealers interested in carrying the Dueck Defense line. We were extremely impressed with Dueck Defense’s sights at SHOT Show last year and look forward to seeing them again at SHOT 2013.


Paratus Innovation – SEAL1 Guncare Products and Combat Support Systems

Paratus Innovation is now a distributor for SEAL1 Guncare Products and Combat Support Systems offering wholesale pricing to interested retailers. We are always to see new products breaking into the Canadian market. As Canadians continue to become more involved in higher levels of training the gear organizers provided by Combat Support Systems will find more relevance to help organize the support gear behind that training. We look forward to seeing what other products these companies have to offer.

VERTEX Helicopter Hog Hunting

This looks like fun, it’s time we lobby the government to change out hunting regulations to allow shooting from vehicles and handgun hunting.

Rumour Mill: Serbu BFG-50A

The rumour mill has it that the Serbu BFG-50A a semi-automatic .50 long range rifle will be available in Canada shortly and has been granted a non-restricted status. For those having always wanted a M82 but unable to acquire one due to it’s prohibited status the Serbu BFG-50A might bet he next best option. They aren’t cheap coming in at around $6’500 they require a $1’000 deposit upon order.

Christmas Shopping – Canadian Firearms Steals and Deals

Questar International

November 15th – December 2nd save 5% on all in-stock items with the coupon code: QUE-DOC5

December 4th – December 16th save 10% on all in-stock items with the coupon code: QUE-DOC10

December 18th – December 30th save 15% on all in-stock items with the coupon code: QUE-DOC15
Don’t wait to long or you may run the risk of having Questar be sold out when you go to make your purchase.
The Ammo Source has NEA-15 Stripped Billet Lower Receivers regularly $174.95 for just $124.95, that’s 29% in savings. A great gift to anyone wishing to start their own AR-15 build.
Saskatoon Gunworks is currently offering complete lowers from Aero Precision sans stock. For just $297.00 + Applicable Taxes & Shipping they will even throw in a D&H Mag. It’s truly never been easier and more affordable to get into the AR-15 game here in Canada. SGW tells us that the lower parts are of DPMS origin.
Rampart International will be getting a large number of Smith Aegis Ballistic Eyewear Kits due to a government contract overrun and will be offering them at an incredibly low price of $44.00 regularly $85.00. Rampart also has just $10 flat rate shipping across Canada.
One Shot Tactical has pinned PMAGS at just $18.99, when you buy 10 Magazines you get 1 FREE!

One Shot Tactical – Battlecomp Enterprises

One Shot Tactical’s long awaited shipment of Battlecomp has finally arrived, it looks like they have an ample selection and stock. Don’t hold back though as we figure these will find there way under dozen’s of Christmas trees this holiday season.

Tactical Imports – Skorpion SMG’s Back in Stock!

After they quickly sold out of their last shipment Tactical Imports has received another rather large shipment of the Scorpion SMG. They also come at an incredibly low price of just $999. Their website describe it as.

The Škorpion is back! The world famous Škorpion SMG is available again exclusively by Tactical Imports.

The Škorpion submachine gun was developed in the late 50’s as a personal sidearm for army staff, vehicle drivers, armored vehicle personnel and special forces. It has seen widespread use across the globe and is still in use by countless military and police forces. The Škorpion is straight blowback operated; firing from the closed bolt. The Škorpion is very compact; utilizing a telescoping bolt assembly that wraps around the barrel.

The M84 Škorpion are out of production and there are a limited number left from factory stock. Once these are gone there will be no more Skorpions coming to Canada.

Factory new. Comes with x2 5/20 magazines, x1 5/10 magazine, holster, magazine pouch, cleaning brush and manual. In stock now and ready to ship. Restricted class. Holster/mag pouches may be black in colour. Markings may not be exactly as shown.


One Shot Tactical – KAC Shipment

As the official distributor for Knights Armament Company in Canada, One Shot Tactical regularly places and takes orders for high quality KAC rifles. They just posted the following picture on their facebook page letting everyone know they are ready to ship.